Introduction to Develocity™
Build Engineer
Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Develocity
    Course objectives
    What is Develocity?
    Quiz: What is Develocity?
    Publishing build data to Develocity
    Quiz: Publishing build data to Develocity
    Assignment: Publish your own Build Scan to Develocity
    Finding the right data
    Quiz: Finding the right data
  2. Understanding Build Performance
    Viewing build performance
    Navigating to detailed performance information
    Quiz: Understanding build performance
  3. Troubleshooting Problems
    Understanding failures
    Seeing test outcomes
    Quiz: Build and test failures
  4. Data and Analytics
    Discovering trends
    Quiz: Data and Analytics
    Using Develocity data
  5. Predictive Test Selection
    The impact of Predictive Test Selection
    Simulating Predictive Test Selection
    Quiz: Predictive Test Selection
  6. Feedback
Introduction to Develocity™
6 Sections

In this training, you'll learn how to use Develocity to better understand your builds across all your projects, help troubleshoot build and test failures, and identify areas for build performance improvements.

Prerequisites—the following are useful but not required:

  • Basic experience with a build tool like Maven or Gradle

  • Some experience with Java, Kotlin, Groovy, or similar languages

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