Introduction to Gradle for Developers
Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Gradle for Developers
    Course objectives
  2. Fundamentals
    Core concepts
    Build configuration
    Gradle Wrapper
    Checkin questions
    Hands-on exercise
  3. Plugins and Tasks
    Tasks overview
    Configuring task properties
    Applying plugins
    Checkin questions
    Hands-on exercise
  4. Dependency Management
    API vs Implementation
    Dependency version
    Version catalog
    Checkin questions
    Hands-on exercise
  5. Feedback
Introduction to Gradle for Developers
5 Sections

In this training, you’ll learn how to interact with Gradle Build Tool and its basic concepts, such as executing tasks and adding dependencies. You’ll also learn how to use the Gradle Wrapper and the version catalog. This class is hands-on, so you'll spend a significant portion of the class with your hands on the keyboard, learning by doing, and working through lab exercises.


  • No prior experience with Gradle Build Tool is required

  • Some experience with Java, Kotlin, Groovy, or similar languages is a bonus but not required

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